Would you like to try it out? The Crossfit method? Many fitness enthusiasts are meanwhile raving about the training method “imported” from the USA. It is associated with absolute, all-encompassing fitness that covers every area of the body. The training principles are: 

  • Constant variation
  • High intensity
  • Functional training

Crossfit aims to improve all physical conditions such as strength, stamina, agility, balance, speed and others. Thus, Crossfit makes frequent use of weight lifting exercises, bodyweight training and all kinds of training methods.

Classic exercises include the thruster, the chin-up and the squat followed directly by a lunge walk.

Learning the right technique and starting off slowly is of paramount importance. But that is exactly where the problem lies, as “high training intensity” is a central principle and is usually determined by time and weight. Core, hip and shoulder stability are decisive for consistent, optimum strength transfer and for protecting the shoulders, spine and knees. This is the only way to achieve long-term success and avoid injury.

However, we also offer an expedient alternative for everyone who finds barbells and chin-ups too difficult. The powerband MAX in black is the band with the greater tension. Alternatively, advanced users can use the powerband MAX in red. It is ideal for thrusters, front squats and lunges. Our powerbands MAX are also ideal for assistant chin-ups. 

powerbands Thruster:


powerbands Lunges:


powerbands Frontsquats:

As your strength increases you can complete your workout using the red band before leaving the band out completely.