Many women sense a new desire just as the days start to get longer and warmer: to lose a little weight and achieve their very own ideal “bikini figure”.

As High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) teaches: the best way to train is in short, sharp bursts. HIIT is extremely strenuous – but it does have the greatest impact on “fat burning” and takes less time than an entire program at the gym. This is because training programs of 10-30 minutes are especially practical for everyday use and, according to studies, help women in particular to burn body fat effectively.

At powerbands we combine high-intensity strength training with HIIT intervals. That burns more fat than standard training programs. This new training method targets excess body fat and builds muscles that tone and shape. However, it really is important to push yourself to the limit. The more intensely you train, the greater and faster your training success will be. (Note: even if your motivation and desire to do something for your body are very strong, you should still have a physical health check before embarking on intensive training units to be sure you can train without risk.)

Our sample workout
You will usually complete every exercise in one set – i.e. you will carry out as many reps as you can and then, after a set of x reps, immediately move on to the next exercise. Carry out every exercise slowly with deliberate control and move on directly to the next one with only a short break between exercises.

WARM UP – Carry out the exercises with a 30-second break after each one.

MAIN WORKOUT – Carry out 2 rounds as a circuit without a break. Take a 2 minute drink break after each circuit.


  • Powerbands Fat Attack       5 rounds of 30 seconds (carry out as many reps as possible) with a 30-second break


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