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Training Tips

Start Position
Start in a squat position with a powerband MINI above the knees and one above the ankles. Push your weight through the heels and keep your toes facing forwards.

Performing the exercise
Take small steps forward, one foot after the other. Always keep your foot, knee and hip in a straight line. Keep your back straight. Take the same number of steps in the reverse direction.

Coaching Key
Keep your feet facing straight ahead.


Before you start your training: Look before you leap! Performing an exercise cleanly and correctly is vital to its effectiveness. Therefore, it is better to do fewer repetitions correctly than lots of fast and uncontrolled reps. Assess yourself and choose your level! We have designed every exercise for beginners, advanced users, and professionals; additionally, the three short powerbands are custom made for your specific level. Build up slowly! If you want to increase the intensity of your output, select the next higher powerband or increase the number of reps. Hold the powerband MAX with a tighter or shorter grip to increase resistance. Remember to take breaks! Catch your breath after every exercise and remember to hydrate during your training sessions.