Does your daily routine mostly consist of unbalanced movements, like sitting in front of a worktable staring at your computer for around eight to ten hours? Are you standing all day long in the same position? After you finished working you tie your running shoes, or bike on an exercise machine to get out of your comfort zone for at least 30 minutes? If that’s the case you should care about the term “Piriformis-Syndrome”.

Most of the time, we follow a certain sport, like running, golf, or swimming to have an exercise that gives us a balance between our busy life routine. According to this we don’t have time or additional power to include a stability or mobility session into our trainings schedule. To support a constitutional effect we shouldn’t follow the same trainings routine over and over again.

Lower back pains, or pains which start in your hip area and continue all the way down towards your leg could be one result of one-sided impacts. This painful feeling described above is a familiar symptom for you?

The negative feeling gets worse and you ask for a doctor’s or a physiotherapist’s advice, because you are doubtful of what to do. Often people get diagnosed with a slipped disk. Pretty uncool, because often it can just be a muscular problem which causes the pain. 

Due to boundless hours of sitting during our working time, or time we spend in a car or on an airplane our hip flexor shortens and causes in connection with our back flexor a great amount of tension - a bad muscle tension which can lead to raising pains. Good news, those pains can be minimized without the use of injections or without getting a surgery. According to the principle “Use it or lose it” it is very important to not keep your feet still, of how suggested by doctors or therapists frequently. Just by working on exactly those trouble areas you will experience continuous improvement. Why do we connect this Syndrome with our Powerbands? Because those bands might be your solution!

Our piriformis muscle is involved into every movement of our hips and legs. According to this fact it is necessary to include those body areas into your workout. Our goal is to work on those areas which are the reason causing pains. 

Precautionary and also to lower our pains we created the perfect Let´s Bands Powerband workout against back pains or pains in your ischiocrurale muscles (muscle chains of the backside of your body). 

What are the advantages of our Powerband Workout?

You can perform our Let´s Bands Workout everywhere. The only things you need are two Powerbands Mini, one Powerband Max and some space. You just have to focus onto eight exercises, which do not make use of more than 30 minutes of your important day time.

You forgot you sport shoes back home? No problem! You can easily complete our workout without shoes. 

Before we get started you can use a foam roll to loosen up the connective tissue and the fascia of your thighs, your butt and your groins. The short and intense Workout focuses on the following essential areas:

Mobility and Flexibility
Movements to improve the mobility in your ischiocrurale muscles and your hips
-Backline Mobilizer
-Powerband Backline Stretch

Exercises to activate your butt and leg muscles and the muscles of your hip rotators
-Forward Step
-Hip Lift
-Inward Outward Rotation

Strength Part
Strengthening of your butt, leg and core muscles and your pelvic floor
-Single Leg Squat
-Side plank

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