Why does our Powerband create so many advantages?

People of any fitness level and any age group can get through our Let´s Band workouts.
You are traveling a lot and there isn´t always a fitness center around?
No problem, you can perform a Powerband workout everywhere and those tiny and lightweight bands will fit into every luggage or backpack.

Reach your personal training goals completely independent of place, accommodation and time. It’s a multifunctional tool, which is suitable for the most different training goals.

A Powerband Workout also supports functional movements and multidimensional actions. What’s your trainings goal?
Do you want to lose weight or do you want to improve your condition?
Did you take a long break and just started working out again?
You want to bring some varieties into your workout schedule?
You don’t want to work out with high weights to prevent your joints of too much stress but you still want to gain muscles, to avoid infirmity.
Let´s try our joint-friendly workouts! Loosing body fat and gaining muscles are two goals which are conditional on each other.
And that’s one reason why an intense muscle workout should always be included in your trainings schedule. To focus onto big muscle groups helps us to influence our caloric balance positive.
You should also not forget to focus onto some conditioning, which is also performable with our Let´s Bands equipment.

You can always increase the power of your workout by choosing a different colored Powerband. Thus it is possible to turn the big gears during our workouts. Our muscles are essential and we need them to move from point A to B. They are responsible for our movement patterns, which mostly happens totally automatic.Because it happens automatically a smoothly course of motion is necessary.

Our body is built by 656 different muscles. The biggest ones are Quadriceps (legs), Latissimus (back) and Gluteus Maximus (butt) which we should focus on to reach our training goals. Our most sustainable muscle is built by our heart.
A women´s heart has a weight of around 280 grams and a men´s heart of around 310 grams.

Which are the most important muscle groups we should focus on to reach the greatest output in a short period of time?
Exercises which focus on different muscle groups

Butt/ Legs: • Squat • Lunge • Abduction • Hip Lift • Runner Back: • Deadlift • Rowing

Hyperextension Core: • Plank • Leg kick • Mountain Climber