You set yourself a goal and you are totally motivated to go for it. For the first weeks it´s not a big deal to stay focused and to work out for two to three times a week. But faster than intended your daily routine influenced by family and work stress is back. Your initial motivation goes down and your regular workout routine slides into the background. Is that a known cycle for you?

“Consistency” describes a fluent and continuous transition of a certain process. But why is it so hard for us to not lose our focus? Why do we think, that everything else is more important than our health.

Sometimes it´s a standard of comfort and we are making up excuses to not be able to complete our sport program. Sometimes we are too tired or too lazy to make our way to the gym or to get outside. Sometimes our schedule is so busy that there is no time to work out for an hour or even two. Sometimes we forgot to add some diversification, to make our workout interesting again. All of those excuses will lead to a drop out of our defined workout schedule.  

So there is this one question: How should a workout be designed to follow a workout schedule with ongoing motivation, to be able to integrate the workout into our busy schedule? Which are important facts to make a continuous workout schedule work?

  • - A workout should be short and intense
  • - It should be performable at home, at your gym and also outside
  • - It should be easy to understand
  • - It should not request a big setting of equipment
  • - It should be possible to increase the workout intensity progressively

And now it´s time to talk about the Powerband, because those points named above, are all accomplishable with our Lets´s Bands Powerband Workout. Before you start the workout you should choose the right Powerband intensity. Your Workout should include the following three zones:
Two warm-up exercises
Three strength exercises
A conditioning part

It is important that our workout doesn’t take longer to complete than 45 minutes. Our time is precious and that’s the reason why we include just six exercises into our workout. You should complete the workout three to four times a week and don´t forget to alternate different exercises. Therefore you should have a look into our Let´s Bands media center. You can select from a choice of over 600 different exercises. Try to bring in different variations relating to different workout sessions. Complete two sets of each exercise and increase your workload after a while. Try to complete 10 repetitions if the exercise is unilateral and 15 repetitions if the exercise is bilateral. 

The conditioning part at the end should higher your pulse level to stimulate your fat burning. Put all your left energy into those last 4 minutes of your Workout. Great exercises for this part are the following: “Runner”, “Lateral Jump”, “Jump Squat”. 

Use a Tabata Interval during these 4 minutes, which is defined by 20 seconds of power and 10 seconds of rest in between. Tabata Interval: 8x 20sec. power with 10 sec. rest in between the intervals > 4 min. of conditioning

Try to keep your power equal and as high as possible from the beginning till the end of your 4 minutes. Work out close near your maximum workload. Don’t start too hard, to be able to hold your intensity. Let´s get started, get your Powerbands, and get your workout in! Get the complete workout in on our Online Training Portal.