Your glutes are the biggest muscle in your body and they have a few important roles. You might be wondering… what is glute activation and why is it so important?

The glutes, or your butt, is an area that most women want to work on. Whether they want to make theirs bigger or smaller, rounder or firmer, most women just want to change it. It is also an area of the body that most of us need to work on because it isn’t truly firing, which means all our butt workouts are really for nothing. Proper movement of the hip comes from the glutes. Your glutes are responsible for hip extension, hip abduction and internal and external rotation of the hip joint.

When our glutes don’t fire, we miss out on working the largest muscle group in our body and burning a ton of calories and fat. We also aren’t as powerful or strong, which means our lifts and our sprints aren’t as good as they could be. And when our glutes aren’t active, we also run the risk of injury because other muscles, that really can’t handle the load, take over. 

Unfortunately in today’s sitting culture, weak glutes that have lost their ability to fire correctly have become a widespread problem. When this happens you are prone to experiencing low back pain, hamstring injuries, knee pain and more. Glute activation exercises are important to get your glutes activated and firing!

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