Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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How do I find the right Let’s Band for me?

We recommend the following powerbands combinations:
The "light" combination for beginners: 1 yellow powerband MINI, 1 green powerband MINI, 1 yellow powerband MAX
The "medium" combination for advanced users: 2 green powerbands MINI, 1 yellow or green powerband MAX
The "strong" combination for professionals: 1 green powerband MINI, 1 blue powerband MINI, 1 blue or black powerband MAX

Is training with Let’s Bands safe?

Let’s Bands training is actually safer than other types of training, because the resistance is gradual and you control the amount of it. The resistance is not, for example, like free weights, where the resistance is dependent on gravity. That’s one reason Let’s Bands are even used for rehabilitation from injury. Our trainers and sport experts have created our exercises in a way that guarantees maximum training success with minimum risk of injury. We recommend you warmup adequately before training and to remember to take time for the cool-down phase when you’ve finished your workout. Please consult your physician or physical therapist before starting your training, particularly if you have an illness, health problem, or injury.

How can I access the online gym?

You gain free and unlimited access to our online gym when you complete your registration. You have access to all free exercises and workouts from anywhere, anytime. So you never have to miss a workout, even when you can’t get to the gym. With online access, you’ve got a gym on your mobile device!

Do Let's Bands products come with a warranty?

Yes, Let's Bands products come with a one-year warranty that starts on the day you purchase your Let’s Bands Powerbands. Defective powerbands are returnable during the warranty period. Please keep the receipt as proof of purchase. Performance under warranty includes rectifying all functional defects free of charge that are caused by deficient material. We will either provide a replacement or repair the product, at our discretion and under the exclusion of the right of annulment or price reduction. Excluded from the warranty are deficiencies caused by forceful damage, improper use, modification and unprofessional repair attempts. Deficiencies due to normal wear and tear are also excluded. Other claims, particularly compensation for damage to items other than the product itself, are also excluded.

How long can I stretch powerbands?

We don’t recommend stretching powerbands and tubing beyond 150% elongation (1.5 times resting length). The bands are more susceptible to breaking with greater than 150% elongation.

How can I redeem my code?

Have your code (included in your Let’s Bands package) ready for reference. Go to Training and sign up for a free account (or log into your existing account). Click the ‘Redeem Code’ button in the left hand column in Training. Follow the prompts on the screen and enter the code that appears on the card you received with your powerbands/set. You can now access your digital content in the Training section of your online gym.

What payment methods can I use at your online shop?

We currently offer the following payment methods:
- Credit Cards
- PayPal

Is shopping at your online shop secure?

All payment methods are protected by the highest levels of encryption. All details provided to us by customers are kept in strict confidence and are not made available to third parties. You may see detailed privacy information in our Privacy Policy.

What are your delivery charges?

Shipping within the United States will not exceed $9.99.
Larger deliveries may necessitate the use of a courier service. Please inquire about additional shipping charges.

How long does delivery of your products take?

The products from our online shop will be packaged and shipped within 1-2 business days. Delivery time will differ, based on the shipping speed to your location.