Who hasn’t heard of it? As a high-intensity interval training method based on bodyweight exercises, Freeletics is currently all the rage and the training method behind many a success story. The 15-week program combines simple bodyweight exercises with high numbers of repetitions and circuits for powerful workouts. Those who stick to it usually achieve rapid success. 

Like training with powerbands, Freeletics can also be trained anywhere and at any time. All you need is your own body. You can train in the park, at the office, at home or in your hotel room.

You can also train anywhere and at any time with powerbands. Without any trouble! powerbands are a diverse way of exercising and will make your workouts even more intensive through their specific focus.

If you are already successfully following a Freeletics program we can offer you 3 Freeletics exercise progressions that will enable you to increase your difficulty level and make your training even more intense. Try the powerbands Freeletics circuit and boost your fitness levels:

4 rounds à 40, 30, 20, 10 repetitions

  • Burpees with powerbands MAX in red around your feet and neck



  • Squats with powerbands MAX black



  • Push-ups with powerbands MAX in black or red around your back



Use powerbands MAX to make certain exercises such as chin-ups a little easier to perform. By using the powerband MAX and its resistance you can reduce the amount of strength you need to complete the exercise, therefore making it much easier. The bands will help you to master the training routines in the event the required bodyweight exercises are too difficult to start with. It is especially recommendable for women. The powerband MAX is naturally ideal for varied resistance training routines.

This fast and very intensive introduction to training often causes knee and back problems for beginners. Training with powerbands has an additional preventive effect and ensures the correct stability and alignment to get beginners off to a strong and smooth start with their high-intensity training.

Let’s Bands.!











Wrap the powerbands MAX around your feet as shown.