Many of you may already know it. Nowadays, EMS training, or Electronic Muscle Stimulation, is frequently promoted as a fast alternative to conventional training. Most training units take just 20 minutes and create tension in the muscle through external electronic impulses. The strength of the signal determines how many muscle fibres are addressed; sometimes the number can be greater than we could ever mobilise through deliberate body signals. This strengthens the muscles and burns more energy.

It is achieved by wearing a vest soaked in water connected via conducting cables to a device that transmits impulses. The trainer is able to control the intensity of the current and adjust it individually. Training usually takes place on-site.

The current is perceptible as a weak to strong impulse and causes the muscles to contract significantly. Muscle tension varies depending on the strength of the current. The inclusion of movements specific to the type of sport enables a more targeted alignment of strength training in the performance range with other training techniques.

Additionally, the exercising person can perform exercises whilst wearing the vest to couple the intensive tension in his muscles with his own body signal. Recommendable exercises include squats, press-ups, simple bicep curls, stretching, etc. The electric tension takes care of the rest.

There is, however, another alternative: training with powerbands. Rubber bands are especially suitable as they do not carry any current and are extremely easy to use. Furthermore, the variety of exercises is huge.

We have put together a small powerband workout for you.