When you build a better body, you build a better life. And the best way to a better life, is by simplifying. Which is the core philosophy of Let’s Bands - eliminating excuses by evolving exercise. Let go of the gym workout that is a workout before it even begins, and instead put the power of the gym in the palm of your hand, or sleeve of your tote, or pocket of your purse - so it’s there, wherever “there” happens to be.

Let’s Bands "Lady Set" is a complete workout that both burns fat and builds muscle, is scaleable so as you get stronger the resistance gets tougher,and is 24/7 connected to the most innovative workout programs on line.  Let’s Bands - The Evolution of Exercise is our Revolution of Resistance.


What's in the box?
A brand new you. It all begins with the Lady Set bands, three resistance levels - light, medium, and tough, each its own gorgeous color - pink, light pink, and purple. Complete with a carry-all mesh bag that fits the bands, a mobile phone and car keys, the set also includes a motivational quick-start workout poster, a code for your 4 weeks training program and access to our on-line training programs.

Each training program is built around your busy life, never more than thirty minutes in length, and guaranteed to challenge you in a big way, burning and building and shaping. No matter your fitness level, a brand new you begins the second you open the box. Get your set!

Excuses breed with complication. Let’s Bands takes away gym commute and parking hassles and lockers and towels and waiting for the right machine or bench nonsense, and replaces it with a simple and sexy resistance bands, coupled with a set of scientifically proven workouts at your fingertips. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, simplifying your workout is the best way to become the best you.

Everyone wants to improve, which is how every gym membership is sold. But the truth is, 67% of gym memberships are never used, and that truth is beginning to find mainstream awareness.

Instead, just as everyone wants a smarter way to get to their destination - hence GPS - everyone wants a smarter way to get to their new body and new life. And nothing is smarter than a workout you can use everyday, no matter where the day takes you.

And in the women’s workout category, clothing companies are all too aware that the shoes and the shirt and the shorts and the socks better all work together when the customer is working out. Let’s Bands works in concert with that truth, providing not the boring black band of others, but visually stunning colors that speak to the “I wanna look good in everything” goal of our audience.

Hol dir dein power Set