Calisthenics training is quite different to your regular gym workout. You struggle with an exercise? the easiest thing to do is to simply lower the weight like taking a plate off or drop the resistance setting at the mashine. With Calisthenics however you're working with body weight so "dropping the weight" is not an option.

An easy way to assist your Calisthenics training and trying new exercises is assisted resistance with resistance bands. Let’s have a look at some resistance bands exercises you can incorporate in your next training session. 

Assisted Pull-Ups


The basic pull-up should be a foundation technique which everybody should be drilling as part of their workouts. If you find pull-ups hard because you're new to them or you're carrying quite a lot of weight, then try using a powerband MAX to support your weight and help you out. Once you've got the fundamentals you can also go for a more challenging version: The "One Handed Pull-Up"


 Assisted Pull-ups

Attach the band to something above you and then position yourself inside the band so that it the band is underneath your arm pits and supporting your chest. Adjust the resistance by using a stronger or lighter MAX band.

Assisted Dips

Simply loop a band over the bars and use the band as a 'seat' to hold some of your weight when performing a dip. Make sure you lower yourself down until your elbows are at a right angle with your upper arms parallel to the floor. Adjust the resistance with a stronger or lighter MAX band.

Assisted Human Flag

The Human Flag is a complicated but impressive calisthenics technique which requires plenty of practice. This is a pretty advanced technique. Attach the MAX band at about head height to a stationary bar. Hook one foot through the other end of the MAX band. When you swing up and into the Human Flag the band should be able to support some of the leverage weight to help you get a feel for this technique and hold your Human Flags for much longer.


Resistance band training does not discriminate. No matter gender, age, whereabouts and training level. It allows you to improve flexibility, strength, core stability and firing up your metabolism all while keeping your joints happy and your exercise program meeting your needs. In this sense... Let's Bands!