Active Resistance Fitness LLC, an Los Angeles based fitness company has acquired Let’s Bands in 2015 with an aim to take resistance training to deliver an innovative fitness approach to be accessible to everyone and from everywhere. stands for delivering the best in class service solutions and expert knowledge for resistance training. A method that promises, to be exciting and perfectly designed to be highly effective. powerbands being the brainchild of Nina Romm, Niko Schmitz and Uno Gomes, the founders of Let’s Bands in 2013. The innovative concept of group fitness, workout programs, best training equipment and education courses are designed to have a cutting edge over others

Being the pioneer in individual and group fitness concepts, Let’s Bands has come up with an own product called powerbands for resistance bands training, which can be accessed by everyone to train anytime and anywhere. They are designed to offer the perfect resistance to your body muscles to help your training to be more effective and result oriented.

Active Resistance Fitness LLC has acquired with an objective to reach to more people educating them about their concept which are the most versatile, practical, cost effective and ultimate solution to resistance bands training that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.  The company aims at taking this innovative approach to the highest level for those who want to get the best. To know more about Let's Bands listen to Chris in his video below :)