Resistance band training has long been known for quick results without all the fuss. You don’t need heavy weights and a gym to see inches melt away. You can become strong and get into shape quicker than you might think.

With everything from heart-pumping cardio moves, to ab and booty busters, we’re pretty sure you definitely won’t get bored. Powerbands tackle bulge, burn fat and, with regular exercise, create a rockin’ body – without the need for a gym and definitely shouldn’t be sidelined from your sweat sessions. They go easy on the joints and target your muscles with constant, controllable tension.

Powerbands come in a range of colors that correspond to their resistance. Choose a band that meets your fitness level. If you are in doubt which band to choose, consult with a certified fitness expert before you begin. They can review your fitness needs and create a workout specifically for your body type and fitness goals.

Once you are comfortable with the movements, select a resistance band you feel will challenge you, but still allow for proper movement quality. Start with a solid warm up of five to ten minutes of light aerobic movement that will get your circulation moving and muscles warm. The rest time should be full recovery so you can perform the movement with great quality each set.

“sculpt 30” 

A workout you can do literally anywhere: Perform each exercise for 30 seconds, back to back. Rest for one minute, then repeat, for a total of two to three rounds.

powerband squat

Holding the handles, step on the band with feet shoulder-width distance apart, toes forward, weight in your heels. Pull handles to just behind shoulders, palms forward. Keep hands here throughout. Squat down by hinging at your hips and sitting back into your heels, then return to standing.

powerbands front raise

Step one foot onto the band, or both to create more resistance. With shoulders rolled back and down, raise arms straight in front of your chest . Lower arms back down.

powerbands kickback

Start in a tabletop position with the band around one foot and handles in both hands.  Extend your leg back to form a straight line, squeezing your glutes, then return to starting position.

powerbands seated twist

Start in a seated position, leaning back to 45 degrees, with shoulders rolled back and chest lifted, knees bent, feet on ground. Fold the band in half and hold it straight in front of your chest with both arms. Pull the band for resistance, while tapping it to the ground on your right, then left.

powerbands seated row

Start in a seated position with feet extended straight in front of you, band around both feet. Grasp the handlebars of the band to create tension, keeping arms bent to 90 degrees. Keep your arms glued to your sides as you pull back, squeezing your shoulder blades together.

powerbands straddle

Lie on your back, legs in the air at a 90 degree angle to the rest of your body, band around both feet. Grip the handlebars in front of your torso, squeezing legs together. Separate legs into a “V” position. 

powerbands pushup

Loop the band around your back and shoulders, then place the handles under your palms as you assume plank position (loop the band around your hands to create more resistance). Lower into a pushup. As you return to plank, you should feel resistance.

A 30 minute powerband workout every other day will prove results. You will become strong, build muscle, and improve aerobic conditioning. Start your free membership today and get sculpt 30 and more workouts with our online gym.

Keeping a regular schedule with your workouts, year round, is the only way to keep lean and fit for life. Consistency is key. With our online gym on hand, travelling and fitness will never be easier and there are lots of exercises you can do with a band that you probably didn’t even realize.